WHAT IS IIKO?いいこ (E-ko) is a common Japanese term used to describe a "good" pet.

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Bustling preparations in the Palace Courtyard

Let these Good Bois warm your heart

Sip a cup of tea by the golden prairie

Feel the magic all year long

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In Loving Memory of Kiki

2006 - 2020

iikoshop is a one-person operation run by ohkahmi. The idea started out of love for Ohka’s best bud, a West Highland Terrier named Kiki. "iiko" is a Japanese term used to refer to a "good" pet.iikoshop specializes in dog-related pins and other accessories. Past customers have used our pins as gifts to their loved ones for Christmas, graduation, and birthdays— and we feel very special to play a role in these meaningful moments.We hope to continue making high-quality products that delight. Each package is wrapped with care and a smile in mind.

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